CD Review: Metric – Synthetica

CD Review: Metric – Synthetica


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The indie world has been in love with Metric (specifically front woman Emily Haines) for some time. With each album it is interesting to see how she will try to keep their adoration. There is an electronic dreamlike state blanketing Synthetica. Every note and word has a digital haze creating this alternate Metric that has all of the same elements, but never hits as hard or sharp or sweet.

This electronic finish does two things. First, it lessens the power of Metric. Songs like “Combat Baby” and “Monster Hospital” grabbed you with their power and didn’t let go. That hard-hitting Metric is missing. That’s not to say they don’t make an impact in other ways. “Clone” has a sweetness within it that Haines usually saves for her solo work, while “Synthetica” goes electronic with terrific punk undertones for a captivating mix.

Second, it puts Metric in danger of sounding flat. While it doesn’t always happen (“The Wanderlust” is interesting and layered well), their dream state makes much of the keys and vocals sound one note. Metric could have used the electronics to give depth, but a lot of the time it is gone.

Everything here is subtle and intricate. The album slips by without you noticing the change in song. It rarely demands your attention. Instead Metric expect you to be interested. It’s clear there is a lot of work put into the album, but it feels like it is going to take me just as long to appreciate it.

 Track Listing:

1. Artificial Nocturne
2. Youth Without Youth
3. Speed The Collapse
4. Breathing Underwater
5. Dreams So Real
6. Lost Kitten
7. The Void
8. Synthetica
9. Clone
10. The Wanderlust
11. Nothing But Time


- Stephanie Joudrey